Case Example: Construction Site Accidents

A mason was working on the edge of an exterior wall on the second story of a building which was under construction. His task involved placing a metal rod, which was anchored to the building, through a hole in a concrete block. To do this he manipulated the rod by bending it until the rod would fit through the hole in the concrete block. As the mason was bending the rod, it snapped and broke off, causing him to lose his balance and fall two stories to the ground. The fall caused numerous injuries including a severe leg fracture. He had spent 30 years working as a mason and now found himself unable to work due to his injuries. Based on information we uncovered, we determined that the metal rebar was defective and was able to file a product liability claim against the metal rod manufacturer and a negligence claim against the contractor who was in charge of site safety. The claims were successfully settled before going to trial.

We have the knowledge and skills to handle your case in a thorough, caring, professional manner. We have handled claims in this area of the law from minor injuries to severely, disabling injuries involving paraplegia, loss of limb and death. While we canít end the pain and suffering you feel as a result of an accident or negligence, we may be able to help ease the financial burdens you now face.




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