Case Example: Wrongful Death


A man was working at a construction site along a road. The construction workers had dug two holes and were working on them. In between the holes was a backhoe that had a shovel attached to both the front end and back end of it and a swivel seat so that the operator of the backhoe could face either direction. In this case, the shovel at the rear of the backhoe was being used and the driver was facing toward the rear of the backhoe. The construction worker was standing in front of the other hole, which was at the front of the back-hoe. The backhoe began to back up towards the worker. However, since technically the backhoe was moving forward, there was no back-up alarm to warn him that it was coming his way. The worker was pushed into the hole and crushed by the bucket. We were able to successfully negotiate a settlement based on the fact that the backhoe had an inadequate back-up warning system.

We have the knowledge and skills to handle your case in a thorough, caring, professional manner. We have handled claims in this area of the law from minor injuries to severely disabling injuries involving paraplegia, loss of limb and death. While we know that money cannot even begin to replace a life, we may be able help to help you recover any financial losses and ensure that your rights are not violated.





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