Case Example: Product Liability


To get around a large warehouse and complete their tasks, security guards rode around the plant on golf carts. Positioned around the warehouse were safety buttons that the guard assigned to the area would press after conducting a successful safety check. One day a security guard was riding toward a safety checkpoint located in front of an elevator shaft. As he got closer to the shaft he pressed on the cart brakes, but the brakes failed. The guard suddenly found himself plummeting three stories to the bottom of the shaft. Injured and unable to move, he lay at the bottom for hours, soaking in battery acid which had dripped from the golf cart. Concerned about his absence, his co-workers launched a search and found him several hours later. He received medical attention for his injuries which included various orthopedic injuries, burns and a fractured orbit below his eye. As a result of this injury, he suffered permanent double vision and was unable to work. He turned to me for help. We were able to successfully negotiate a settlement with the golf cart manufacturer based on product liability law.

We have the knowledge and skills to handle your case in a thorough, caring, professional manner. We have handled claims in this area of the law from minor injuries to severely, disabling injuries involving paraplegia, loss of limbs and death. While we canít end the pain and suffering you feel as a result of an accident or someone elseís negligence, we may be able to help ease the financial burdens you now face.



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