Case Example: Motorcycle Accidents

The 21-year-old motorcycle operator was returning from the Jersey Shore when he was involved in a motorcycle accident on Route 42 as he approached Philadelphia. A collision occurred between two other vehicles which forced one of the vehicles into the concrete median, breaking the left rear wheel off the axle. The force of the impact projected the wheel into the opposing lanes of travel where it was struck by a third vehicle, throwing it back into the original lane of travel where it struck our client’s motorcycle causing him to crash. The client suffered a brachial plexus injury to his right arm and shoulder which resulted in partial paralysis of his right arm. 

The injury involved an avulsion of the trunks and chords of the right brachial plexus.  Initially our client could only move the fingers slightly on his right hand. Physical therapy improved his condition so he could move his fingers, hand and wrist to a greater degree although it was painful for him to do so. He had no biceps function. He underwent several surgical procedures. His treating physicians were able to restore some function to his right dominant arm, but he remains severely restricted. We were able to negotiate a seven-figure settlement for the client.



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