Case Example: Slip and Fall Accidents


A snowstorm had just swept through the area. In its wake, fresh crisp snow blanketed all available surfaces, turning the area into a sea of white. A property owner saw that the sidewalk in front of his house was covered with snow, so he headed outside to remove it from the walkway. When he finished shoveling, he grabbed a bag of salt and spread it over the sidewalk to prevent freezing. Next to the sidewalk, though, was a defective downspout from which water was slowly seeping out onto the sidewalk. The owner had known about the defective spout for years, but did not repair it. As temperatures dropped, the puddle next to the spout began to turn to ice. Shortly afterward, a woman was walking down the sidewalk. Since the icy spot was hidden from view as she approached it, she didnít see it and slipped and fell. She suffered from several injuries, including a herniated disc in her lower back. Based on premises liability laws we were able to successfully negotiate a settlement for her.

We have the knowledge and skills to handle your case in a thorough, caring, professional manner. We have handled claims in this area of the law from minor injuries to severely disabling injuries involving paraplegia and death. While we canít end the pain and suffering you feel as a result of an accident or someone elseís negligence, we may be able to help ease the financial burdens you now face.




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