Case Example: Injuries to Children

A young boy was at the home of a friend where both boys began playing with a handgun. The friends checked the gun to see if it was loaded. After looking it over they determined that there weren’t any bullets in the gun. However, there was one bullet in the chamber. One of the boys raised the gun and pointed it at the other boy, shooting him in the neck. His injuries caused permanent paralysis. Facing mounting medical expenses for the boy’s treatment, his parents turned to me for help. We were able to successfully settle with the insurance company representing the parents of the other boy.

We have the knowledge and skills to handle your case in a thorough, caring, professional manner. We have handled claims in this area of the law from minor injuries to severely, disabling injuries involving paraplegia and death. While we can’t end the pain and suffering you feel as a result of an accident or someone else’s negligence, we may be able to help ease the financial burdens you now face.




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